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National security Alert


This documentary style film “The War Game”(45 minutes)  was made by the BBC in 1966 to show what would happen if there was a nuclear war in the uk.
It was banned for many years due to its horrific nature and realism. Not something for those easily upset or of nervous disposition to watch as accurate! I first saw at a private viewing in the 1980s.The reality of nuclear war. Available on line in many places. I have put on my server for fast and easy download.


It will become matter of national security if something is not done to prevent the wreck of the liberty ship SS Richard Montgomery from exploding.

20th August 2021  For 77 Years you have been resting peacefully on the seabed, but for how much longer?......

The liberty ship SS Richard Montgomery sank in the Thames Estuary in August 1944. It was loaded with 1400 tons of explosive munitions. The Admiralty not believing it to be an immediate threat to national security decided to leave the wreck and its dangerous cargo undisturbed. The wreck lies just a few hundred yards offshore between an oil refinery next to the Kingsnorth power station and several towns of the Medway. Southend on Sea is just a couple of miles away on the other side of the Thames estuary. Rumours about the ship and its cargo have circulated in these towns ever since. Denials have been issued by ministers in the House of Commons in
response to MPs questions about the presence on board of biological, chemical and gas warheads. Nevertheless, rumours persist that the real reason the wreck was not made safe was because of the existence of dirty weapons on board.
Should a terrorist attack or collision from another vessel occur then it will become a national security matter.

A new serious risk interesting problem has arisen, as the National Grid LNG storage on the nearby isle of Grain, has the largest one million cu metre storage capacity of Liquid Natural Gas in Europe with the largest surface silos in the world, each bigger than the Albert Hall, that would be instantly demolished by the Montgomery blast and vaporize the gas to mix with four times its weight of oxygen in the air and produce an explosive blast equivalent of 144 Hiroshima bombs, without the radiation. Destroying everything for many miles around in the UK and Europe. with the resulting loss of many millions of lives, According to Explosives expert  Mike Barker  M.B.E. (Bomb disposal). 

Short House of lords debate on SS Richard Montgomery.3 July 2019 

Seems that the government in their keep it quiet and it will go away wisdom has finally realised there is a problem and it is not going away!  18 February 2019

Link: Freedom of information requests to uk government  regarding SS Richard Montgomery. Some illegally STILL remain unanswered in the permitted time limit. Why, have the government got something to hide? (Updated  18 August 2019)

Film and Television Director Ken Rowles and his production team based in Kent, near London, have made a feature documentary about the World War II American Liberty ship, the SS RICHARD MONTGOMERY. The ship sank during the Second World War in the Thames Estuary between Kent and Essex. (YouTube preview )

Two letters from Lloyd’s of London insurance to the government agreeing with Mike Barker MBE about the wreck. (pdf)

Executive summary and conclusions from “SS Richard Montgomery Risk assessment seeking a long term solution July 2001” (5Mb pdf) (Updated 02 January 2015)

I have gone through my archives and compiled this pdf file with some interesting information about the condition of the wreck as it was which some may not want known. (6th July 2019)

Inner Thames Estuary Feasibility Study part 6 only, SS Richard Montgomery information (pdf) (Updated 10 July 2014)

Maybe a small scale terrible glimpse of the future..... The Silvertown Explosion 1917  YouTube

The Silvertown Explosion 1917 London UK The full story

The Richard Montgomery matter (A film (movie) script ) For Sale (read synopses now)

N 51:28:00 E 00:47:02 View Location Chart & link to maps of area around wreck

Free detailed navigation charts of the area around the wreck and other areas close by, must for researchers.
Nightmare in Bari: The World War II Liberty Ship Poison Gas..

Reports January 2010 of fires appearing above the SS Richard Montgomery in the Thames Estuary

Rare picture of the SS Richard Montgomery passing New York Harbour

Presentation (silent) by Mike Barker MBE on Risks and removal suggestions SS Richard Montgomery wreck ( 8Mb .pdf) This presentation was prevented from being given during a public meeting, which took place at Canterbury university  Kent, by UK security services. File updated with more current information 19th august 2013.     

1972 report (22 page Pdf) for Southend-on-sea and district chamber of trade and industry of the SS Richard Montgomery.

Dera report July 1997 condition SS Richard Montgomery. Authors R Southworth and K Da Costa

Close up photographs of SS Richard Montgomery wreck 23 October 2011

From Sheppey Gazette (Kent England uk) 31 August 2011 (pdf)

Rare close up superstructure photographs of the wreck taken at extremely low tide

Photographs approaching and unloading the wreck just before she sank.

The SS Richard Montgomery story is told in this two chapter historic DVD. link to More information and ordering details.

Newscientist 21 August 2004 Mick Hammer & update 22 January 2005

kentonline Medway messenger interview with Michael Fellows and report SS Richard Montgomery (27 February 2013 )

ITV News Meridian piece about SS Richard Montgomery wreck ( 27 February 2013) (24 January 2013)

Very interesting informative and well written piece about the danger of the wreck SS Richard Montgomery (January 2013)

Daily mail news article David Leafe 30th august 2012

The Sunday Times Magazine 28 March 2004 Report by Richard Johnson

Article in Sheppey Gazette (Kent England uk) weds 7 April 2004

Factual information clip from BBC TV uk program coast-8 (4mins- 5Mb .wmv) royal navy explosives expert

mark williams big bangs sky3 (SS Richard Montgomery clip 3mins- 6.5Mb .wmv)

underwater_explosion.wmv (a very small taste of what will happen when SS Richard Montgomery explodes!)

British textbook of Explosives .pdf (Technical reference book not Instruction manual)

Picture of SS Richard Montgomery aerial view

picture of SS Richard Montgomery with the Red Sands Fort Complex in the background

Field Marshal General Montgomery Comments on the wreck (clip 18 seconds 3.55Mb .wmv)

General Douglas Macarthur Comments on the wreck (clip 13 seconds 2.2Mb .wmv)

General George S Patton JR Comments on the wreck ( clip 26 seconds 4Mb .wmv)

webcam: watch it all happen (or not) live! updated every 5mins during daylight. Tick ZOOM box bottom right picture wreck close up!


The main danger of explosion  of  the wreck is from one of the many fuzed live, AN-M1A1 CLUSTER FRAGMENTATION BOMBS aboard. being dislodged and hitting another larger unfused bomb, which is the condition bombs are normally transported in. The cluster bombs are fitted with a safety device which prevents accidental detonation so would normally be safe. The problem is on these particular ones aboard they can still explode even if in safe position. Later ones( but not the many in the wreck) were modified to prevent this happening. There was a terrible accident one was dropped while being unloaded from an aircraft and exploded pieces found showed at the enquiry  that all safety devices were still in safe position after explosion. Any movement of the wreck from collision or it collapsing on itself you cause this to happen hence the removal of the masts to reduce weight so as to delay this happening although not long term. For details of munitions still aboard and links showing the details of the accident and cutaway pictures of the cluster bombs showing its mechanism and other very interesting information go to:

Facts and history about the Isle of Sheppey

Article from the New Wide World Magazine for October 1964 SS Richard Montgomery wreck (lots of background info & very good Pictures)

Great And Lost Ships Of The World

Researching the mariners and ships of the merchant marine and the world's navies

Kent history forum Archived documents regarding the wreck and other historical Kent information

Upload and Discuss your military Images in our Military Image community
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Commando Model A Recordgraph (WW2 USA military voice recorder)


This letter To Edward Heath proves UK entry to the common market was illegal so is null and void to start with!  (update 08 October 2018)

King Charles III (Prince Charles) (For sale: An original cartoon by Barry Fantoni 1977 ) ----------------------------------------------------------

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How to check radiation levels in your area from your vehicle air filter or exhaust (YouTube link)

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